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"Bridal services offer personalized beauty and styling expertise to make brides look and feel their best on their special day."

Makeup Classes

Makeup classes offer hands-on instruction in the art of makeup application. Students learn various techniques and styles, from natural to glamorous looks. These classes cover topics like color theory, contouring, and eyeshadow application. Professional makeup artists provide demonstrations and personalized feedback. Whether for personal or professional use, makeup classes provide an opportunity to develop skills and explore creativity in the world of cosmetics.

Beautician Course

A beautician course provides comprehensive training for individuals aspiring to enter the beauty industry. It covers skincare, makeup application, hairstyling, nail care, and salon management. Students learn facial treatments, various beauty techniques, and hairstyling skills. Practical exams and hands-on practice ensure real-world readiness. Graduates can pursue careers in salons, spas, or establish their own beauty businesses.

Bridal services

Bridal services offer a specialized range of beauty treatments for brides on their wedding day. These services include bridal makeup, hairstyling, and nail care. Professionals work closely with brides to create their desired bridal look, taking into account their preferences and wedding theme. Bridal services also provide trial sessions to ensure the bride is satisfied with the final look. With expertise in enhancing natural beauty and creating long-lasting styles, these services help brides feel confident and radiant on their special day.

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Hair style classes

Hair style classes provide individuals with the opportunity to learn and master various techniques for styling hair. These classes cover a wide range of topics, including basic haircuts, advanced styling methods, updos, braiding, and working with different hair textures. Participants gain hands-on experience through practice sessions and receive guidance from experienced hairstylists. The classes focus on teaching fundamental skills such as sectioning, blow-drying, curling, and using styling tools effectively. we have over 50 + hair styles

Mehndi classes

Mehndi classes teach individuals the art of applying intricate henna designs on various body parts. Participants learn techniques, patterns, and mixing methods to achieve beautiful and lasting stains. Mehndi services, provided by skilled artists, offer professional henna application for special occasions like weddings and festivals, showcasing the cultural beauty of mehndi art. Enhancing celebrations with intricate henna designs, mehndi classes and services provide a touch of elegance and tradition.


Nail extension classes

Nail extension classes provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to professionally apply artificial nail extensions. Participants learn techniques such as gel, acrylic, or dip powder application. These classes cover nail shaping, filing, and design options. Nail extension services, offered by trained technicians, provide clients with professionally applied artificial nail enhancements, enhancing the length and appearance of their natural nails. With nail extension classes and services, individuals can achieve beautiful and durable nail enhancements for various occasions.

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